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About Us

Malroz Engineering Inc. offers specialized services in the geo-environmental engineering and sciences sector. We recognize that to do this properly requires assembling a broad range of talent, skills and expertise. We draw from our trained and experienced staff to marshal these specialized skills on behalf of our clients.


Our Vision

  • To be the premier provider of quality geo-environmental services for our clients.

Our Purpose

  • To provide sound advice and high quality geo-environmental solutions which stand the test of time. 

Our Commitment

  • We will strive to continually offer value, integrity, and sound environmental services through a customer-focused dedication that allows us to prosper as a business while maximizing return for our clients.
  • We will provide a rewarding work environment for our people, and promote a spirit of partnership with the communities and industries that we serve.
  • We will operate in a professional manner, avoiding conflicts of interest, and providing sound, defensible advice to our clients.


Malroz Engineering Inc. is a professional services company offering geo-environmental science and engineering services to our clients in the private sector and across all tiers of government. Since its founding in 1989, Malroz has provided advice to hundreds of domestic and international clients on matters pertaining to environmental impacts and site conditions, environmental compliance, and evaluation/remediation of historic legacy issues associated with past operations. In 2017 we expanded our services to include geotechnical engineering and, materials inspection and testing.

Malroz’s strength is our people. Our project and support staff have a passion for our work. We populate our projects with individuals who have specialized training and relevant experience in the roles that they assume. Each member of every project team is empowered with becoming a key contributor to our final product.


Our clients hire us for our people: knowledgeable, trained, experienced. We hire excellent people, we provide training and exposure to key technical issues to better each individual’s expertise in their respective field. We work as teams and benefit from each other’s strengths. We understand that our clients rely on the product of our combined efforts, and that the key to success is assembling the best people together to generate solutions for each project.

Teamwork is an essential requirement for understanding our complex environment. Our staff are trained specialists in complementary disciplines: geosciences, natural sciences, engineering. Our multidisciplinary staff are trained specialists, ensuring that we collect the best possible field data, and that we understand their significance on each project.


Our operations are managed from our offices in Kingston, Ottawa, and Toronto Ontario. As needed, we set up project offices on-site at local, remote and international locations to provide full-time project support during on-going project operations. (map to find us and contact information)