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December 7, 2015
Excess Soil Management Practices in Ontario: Survey Results

 Presentation to ONEIA Workshop on November 26, 2015

Steven Rose, P.Eng., P.Geo., OSPE, and 

Andy Manahan, RCCAO

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Are you Under Managing Excess Soils at Contaminated Sites?

David Carnegie, P.Eng., David Hodgson, P.Eng., Steven Rose, P.Eng., P.Geo.

Malroz Engineering Inc., Kingston ◊ Toronto ◊ Ottawa

As a result of poor excess soil management practices, increased responsibility (liability) is being placed on generating sites to ensure that soils are adequately characterized and transported to appropriate receiving sites.  Landfilling is a popular option, however, this is unsustainable and increasingly expensive.  A suitably qualified professional may be able to identify site reuse and excess soil management options that lead to significant project cost savings and mitigation of liabilities.


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Investigating & Cleaning Contaminated Sites in Ontario

 Steven Rose, P.Eng., P.Geo. (2013)

The Land Economist, Volume 43, Number 3

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The story of brownfields and smart growth in Kingston, Ontario: from contamination to revitalization

Pamela Welbourn, Harry Cleghorn, Joseph Davis and Steven Rose (eds.) (2009)

Classroom Complete Press, Kingston, ON 303p 

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Environmental remediation projects: common elements for successful clean-up

Steven Rose and Rick McGregor

Presented at Federal Contaminated Sites National Workshop, Montreal, QC, May 2010 

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Phytoremediation of an ethylene glycol plume used as an alternative to pump and treat

David Carnegie and David Malcolm

Environmental Science and Engineering Magazine, November 2008 Issue 

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Characterization of rhizosphere microbial consortia involved in the anaerobic degradation of ethylene glycol

David Carnegie, David Malcolm and Juliana Ramsay

Presented at  the 60th Canadian Geotechnical Conference and 8th Joint CGS/IAH-CNC Groundwater Conference, Ottawa, ON, October 2007

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Potential use of phreatophytes in passive management of groundwater seepage

Greg Bickerton, Dale Van Stempvoort, Marcos Alvarez and Steven Rose

Environmental Science and Engineering Magazine, September 2005 Issue

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How old dumps can pose a liability to municipalities and their technical staff

David Malcolm and Steven Rose

Environmental Science and Engineering Magazine, May 2000 Issue 

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Phytotechnology Studies for Passive Groundwater Management at a Closed Landfill: Lessons Learned

Steven Rose, Greg Bickerton and Dale Van Stempvoort

Presented at the 3rd International Phytotechnologies Conference, Atlanta, Georgia, April 2005 

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