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Approvals, Permitting and Compliance Monitoring

The environmental permitting and approvals process is highly regulated and requires strict conformance to requirements put in place by various levels of government.  Malroz has assisted many clients in the preparation of applications, and in gaining permits and approvals for a variety of undertakings.

Compliance monitoring is a common condition of facility approvals.  Malroz conducts a number of compliance monitoring programs for our clients to provide them with the peace of mind that licensing requirements are being properly undertaken on a timely basis.  Whether it is air, groundwater, surface water or hazardous materials, Malroz has the experience to help navigate through the regulatory maze.

Malroz regularly offers the following services to our clients:

  • air approvals and permitting
  • sewage works approvals
  • water supply approvals 
  • designated substance surveys
  • water taking permits
  • water injection permits
  • remediation system approvals, permitting and compliance monitoring
  • landfill approvals and compliance monitoring/reporting
  • waste management systems approvals