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Designated Substances

Designated substances can pose health and safety risks to your employees and individuals occupying your property.  Identifying and addressing your liabilities is a must to prevent adverse impacts.  Malroz Engineering can assist with identifying and mitigating these liabilities in a timely and cost effective manner.


Malroz Engineering has extensive experience undertaking:

·         O.Reg 490/09 Designated Substance Surveys  

       (often referred to as Designated Substance Reviews)

·         Material identification and sampling

·         Asbestos management plans

·         Type 2 and Type 3 clearance testing. 

Our experience includes industrial complexes, residential buildings, commercial office spaces and large municipal office buildings.  Our team is committed to working with our clients to understand their specific needs in order to optimize removal and/or management solutions .  Past and current clients include municipalities,home owners, private sector, real estate agents and real estate management services. 

Malroz Engineering offers value added services to your DSS project including project and contractual management, tender preparation, and contractor management.  The combination of our extensive experience and value added service allows for the smooth delivery of turn-key solutions to your designated substance problems.