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Environmental Assessments and Remediation

Environmental Site Assessments (ESAs) and site remediation are a core service that Malroz offers.  We are able to assist clients in the preparation of Phase 1, Phase 2, and/or Phase 3 ESAs.  These reports are compliant with O.Reg. 153/04 standards and/or CSA standards based on a client's specific needs.  

Malroz has developed and implemented remedial programs for a wide range of contaminants and historic site uses.  We work with clients to tailor solutions specific to the cost, time and risk constraints of the project.  As qualified persons (QPs), we are able to assist clients in preparing/submitting records of site condition (RSC).  

Where site conditions or other factors are not amenable to remediation we have worked with clients to undertake risk assessments, develop site specific standards and, to develop and implement  risk management measures.  

A summary of services we frequently offer to clients is provided below: 

  • environmental site assessments (Phase I, Phase II, Phase III)
  • environmental liability assessment
  • health and safety plans
  • decommissioning and demolition 
    • pre-demolition surveys and designated substance identification
    • tender preparation and management
    • project and contractual management 
  • environmental sampling
  • conceptual site models
  • risk assessment and risk management
  • remedial management
    • remedial evaluation
    • decommissioning and demolition
    • tender preparation and management
    • project and contractor management
    • site monitoring and documentation
    • stakeholder communication
  • mergers and acquisitions support
  • brownfield development support
  • peer review and litigation support
  • compliance monitoring, documentation and support