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Through the years Malroz has assisted private sector and public sector clients undertaking groundwater (hydrogeological) studies to characterize groundwater resources.  This has included physical and chemical analyses of aquifers to assist clients in developing efficient strategies to manage the groundwater resource.  

The following services are frequently offered by Malroz: 

  • groundwater supply studies
  • de-watering and seepage control 
  • groundwater management at industrial/aggregate sites
  • permitting for groundwater extraction (permit to take water) or injection (environmental compliance approval)
  • analytical, numerical and conceptual modeling
  • plan of subdivision  (non-serviced areas)
  • hydrogeological investigations and assessments
  • characterization for environmental site assessments
  • hydraulic testing
  • groundwater remediation
  • landfill leachate modeling and monitoring
  • wellhead protection and aquifer management